The Adventurer: An In-depth guide to Beckett

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                Beckett is classified as a tactical shooter and that tag could not fit her better. She excels in situations where she can stay at close enough range to accurately deal constant damage but still remain outside of the range of most melee heroes. Her mobility allows her to get to areas that would normally require a super jump, as well as provides a way for her to kite and escape if used properly.

                Beckett works best in comps that need someone who can both be bursty and keep up a good amount of sustained damage. While she has no hard CC, she makes up for it in her damage-over-time and the overall utility of her abilities, allowing her to be played in a variety of different styles depending on which fits her team best.

                As a result of her high damage and mobility capabilities, Beckett has low base health, so if she gets cc’ed it is pretty easy to just burst her down before she can get away.


                Beckett’s LMB abilities are her guns. She can have either her dual pistols or her rocket launcher active and can use Q to switch between them. As all the upgrades on her LMB tree are focused around her pistols, we will cover only the pistols in this section. The rocket launcher will be addressed in the section on her Q.

                Beckett’s pistols are her most constant form of dps. They are extremely accurate up to medium range. From medium to medium-long range, Beckett’s pistols begin to have some spread but it’s not too bad. Unfortunately, her pistols have an immediate damage falloff when her target gets out of range. Therefore, the best place for Beckett to be during a fight is just inside that max range where she can use that range buffer to kite. Her pistols use an ammo system that requires that she reload after all of her rounds have been fired. Her base pistol ammo is 30 rounds but can be upgraded to carry more. Her pistols can be fired by either tapping LMB in order to fire just a couple of rounds or holding LMB to fire a constant stream of bullets. While she is firing, her movement is slowed; it takes a second for her to get back to her normal movement speed after she stops firing.


Heavy Weapons:

                The Heavy Weapons upgrade gives Beckett an extra 12 rounds for her pistols.

                This upgrade is not all that effective on its own because all it does it increase the number of times you can fire before you reload. This gives you a slight damage boost but is not worth it solo, as pretty much every Tier 1 upgrade in Beckett’s kit offers more of an advantage. However, this upgrade is viable if you can take both it and one of the Tier 2 upgrades at the same time.



Close Quarters:

                The Close Quarters upgrade gives Beckett an extra 10% damage from her pistols when hitting an enemy at close range.

                You would take this path if you are playing against a mainly ranged comp that has very few escapes. This is because otherwise you would get killed by the melee heroes, either those like Tripp or Tyto, who can deliver more damage, or those like Knossos or Margrave, who are just tankier and can stay in the fight longer and take decreased damage from you. This upgrade is good against comps that contain heroes like Imani, Voden, Sven, and Vadasi. Against these heroes, Close Quarters utilizes your extra ammo by allowing you to stick to your enemy for longer and to force them out of a fight more easily. 


Assault Weapons:

                The Assault Weapons upgrade removes the stamina cost when firing Beckett’s pistols.

                This upgrade is particularly useful for newer players who may find themselves too close to a fight and lacking the stamina to run away. Taking this upgrade conserves stamina, allowing it to be saved for either sprinting or dodging away from incoming threats. I, personally, don’t feel this is a particularly useful upgrade for experienced players because you will regen more stamina while you are reloading than you lost firing. As a result, Beckett would fire her entire ammo supply of pistols and then get stuck in the reload animation still with full stamina and no way to use it. In essence, an experience player would trade damage for an upgrade that they can’t effectively take advantage of.


Sharp Shooter:

                Sharp Shooter changes Beckett’s pistols so that they now fire in 5-bullet bursts, have no spread, and deal 10% extra damage. This means that you can fire 6 bursts before having to reload. When this ability is chosen, Beckett loses the ability to fire just two or four shots at a time; clicking LMB once will fire one 5-round burst. Holding LMB will continue to fire shots in bursts of 5, with a small pause between each group, until she runs out of ammo.

                I believe this entire upgrade tree is more useful than the Left Side tree in nearly every case.  Sharp Shooter is fantastic early game because it gives you more damage if you are going to be fighting from medium range rather than sitting in the back of the fight. If you are taking it later in the game, you get immediate results from just putting the one point into Sharp Shooter. 

                Sharp Shooter’s only real drawback is that you close out on the consistent damage of the close range shots with the pause between bursts. This is not really a problem unless your job is to be your team’s assassin, constantly harassing the enemy team’s back line. This particular situation is pretty much the only case where the Sharp Shooter ability is not the better choice for more advanced players.


Painfully Accurate:

                The Painfully Accurate upgrade makes Beckett’s pistols gain crit chance much faster. While Beckett is continuously firing her pistols, she will build crit chance. Upon reaching 100% crit chance, her pistols will begin to deal 110% damage. That means that when you get to 100% crit chance after the first 5-round burst, all of the rest of her bursts will have every shot deal critical strike damage. This is in effect an 19% damage increase to her pistols if you hit every shot. Beckett’s crit chance will be reset when she stops firing for a prolonged period of time or when she runs out of ammo.

                This is a great upgrade to take if you are consistently hitting enemies in the front and hitting ALL of your shots. If you are going to use this ability, then your first priority is to just hit whatever is closest to you or highest priority in the fight. I would advise against chasing into the enemy team to finish off a target.  Instead, just continue to damage the entire team until they are forced to back off.


Tactical Shooter:

                The Tactical Shooter upgrade gives Beckett’s pistols a 15% damage boost when hitting an enemy in the back.

                This is the upgrade that you should select if you are going to be chasing enemies after you win a fight. The advantage of taking this upgrade over the Painfully Accurate upgrade is that you get extra damage regardless of how many shots you hit. This damage boost also applies to the passive damage boost you get when your shots start to crit; once you get that boost, enemies hit in the back will take 39% bonus damage. Unfortunately, this damage boost is only applied if you are hitting enemies in the back. If you are only hitting enemies in the front, then this upgrade will deal less damage than Painfully Accurate.  However, if you can manage to hit an enemy in the back even only twice then this upgrade does higher damage. I highly recommend that you take this Tier 2 upgrade if you are taking Sharp Shooter at Level 2.



Beckett’s RMB ability is a grenade.  This ability does exactly what you would expect. When activated, Beckett will throw a grenade. After a few seconds, the grenade will explode and deal a quick AOE burst of damage. This ability has a relatively low cooldown so it is best to just toss this out at the beginning of a fight. That way you will be able to use it two or maybe even three times a fight. One trick, that it actually a pretty easy mechanic, is to throw the grenade while you are waiting to fire your next rocket. While the Grenade cast cannot cancel the reload animation, it can be used to fire two rockets faster than normal: click, immediately throw the grenade, and then fire another rocket. It’s not a huge time saver but, in long fights, the time you save can equate to a few extra rockets or pistol shots. The only thing to be cautious of are deflects. If your grenade hits a deflect at any point before it explodes it will bounce off and deal AOE damage to your team.


Concussion Grenade:

                The Concussion Grenade upgrade give Beckett’s grenade the ability to crack the armor of all enemies it hits for 3 seconds. “Cracked Armor” will give that target -10 armor and 10dmg/s for the duration of the ability. This is huge because for 3 seconds it gives your allies a 10% damage boost. If you can time your tosses with the high damage abilities of your allies, this can make for a huge turnaround in a team fight.

                As I mentioned before, Grenade is really a hit or miss ability that is all about timing. If you throw a grenade at the beginning of a fight when your tanks are about to engage, then it will grant a boost to the jumps. Due to the low cooldown of the ability, you can throw another one later in the fight, which might be the ability that allows your assassins to clean up the kills. I highly recommend this upgrade as your Level 4 upgrade as it will be the better Tier 1 in most cases.


Frag Grenade:

                The Frag Grenade upgrade enables your grenades to hit a larger radius.

                This is a great upgrade to take if you want to throw your grenade from a bit farther away or are looking to bounce it off the walls to get it into the middle of the enemy team, potentially breaking the armor and dealing damage to everyone on that team. This upgrade is the epitome of “close counts in horseshoes and hand grenades”. The explosion radius is really big and helps Beckett influence a fight from far away without knowing the exact location of the enemy.

                Another use for this ability is scouting. Gigantic is all about vision. The battlefields are set up in a way that you can’t always see what may be right in front of you. This upgrade is good at sniffing out potential enemy engages. The larger radius allows a bit of room for guessing and the damage over time from “Cracked Armor” will allow you to track any enemy you hit for a few seconds.


Smart Grenade:

                The Smart Grenade upgrade is the complete opposite of Frag Grenade, its left side counterpart. Instead of enabling the grenade to hit a larger radius, Smart Grenade explodes immediately upon hitting an enemy and deals bonus damage to the enemy it hit.

                This is one of my favorite upgrades in the game. I take it in almost every game as it deals by far the highest damage output of any upgrade. While it will explode immediately if it hits an enemy, you will still get the normal damage on the AOE effect. This means that you not only get to have a normal Concussion Grenade, but you also get to deal a huge amount to any enemy you hit.               

                The other reason I take this upgrade is because it is the grenade that works best in combination with Beckett’s other abilities. When used well, these combinations can deliver a 1500 damage burst in just a couple of seconds. This is more than enough to kill any medium health target, or to take a sizeable chuck out of a frontline tank.

                One drawback of this grenade is that it is hard to master. I would not recommend this ability for newer players. While you can get lots of damage off quickly, it also forces you to be extremely accurate. You can use it for scouting but only if you already know the enemy’s approximate location and then use Smart Grenade as a way of discouraging a fight you don’t want to take. Smart Grenade also requires a lot more timing than any of the others because throwing this ability at the wrong time could cause it to deflect off and deal that huge bonus damage to your ally instead.


Tear Gas:

                The Tear Gas upgrade is perfect for players who are new to either Beckett or Gigantic. This upgrade removes the explosion from your grenade and instead causes your grenade to create a poison field every time it bounces, up to a max of 3 fields. Any enemies in these fields will be poisoned, causing their incoming heals to be only 50% effective.

                While this upgrade tree is designed mainly for newer players, it can also be used very effectively against teams that have two or more healers. The poison will greatly reduce their ability to heal, as well as deal some damage over time for a few seconds, canceling any passive regen the team may have.


Lingering Fumes:

                The Lingering Fumes upgrade is the most basic of the Tier 2 grenade upgrades. It increases the duration of the poison fields so that they last 6s instead of 3s. Unfortunately, even if an enemy remains in the poison field it will only reset the poison duration; the damage does not stack.

                I would only recommend this ability for extremely new players.  It is the easiest upgrade to use but also the least useful in most situations.


Exhaust Fumes:

                The Exhaust Fumes upgrade is an interesting upgrade as it will decrease the cooldown of Beckett’s grenade ability by 10 seconds when her Jetpack (E) is used.

                I would take this ability once you have achieved a basic feel for Beckett. It not only allows her to have six poison fields active at once but also teaches the basics of combining abilities together to get a greater outcome. In addition, the requirement that your Jetpack be activated allows for creative play in a few different ways. If you find yourself too deep in the enemy team, you can use your grenade to create poison fields around dealing damage to enemies who may be chasing you. When you activate your Jetpack, you get vertical mobility, allowing yourself some time to get free damage on the enemy. Because of the reduced cooldown, Beckett can then use Grenade again to either clear her landing area or to renew the poison debuff on any enemy still chasing her.

                The other way to correctly use this ability is in a team fight in an enclosed space. The first poison grenade is used to create poison fields on and in front of the engaging enemy, causing them to start taking free damage over time if they continue to engage. Beckett can then use her Jetpack to allow her to see over the enemy team and use the next poison grenade while airborne to block off the enemy team’s escape route.


General Notes:

                While you get some ability to be creative with the Exhaust Fumes upgrade, I would still recommend that you use the Concussion Grenade tree. While using Tear Gas can reduce the amount of healing that the healer does, it does not prevent them from turning and doing damage to your team instead. I personally take the Smart Grenade upgrade 99% the time. Rather than trying to reduce the healing potential of the healer, I am constantly looking for opportunities to flank or throw my grenade past the enemy front line and then use the burst of Smart Grenade in combination with my other abilities to kill the healer. If you hit the Smart Grenade, then the healer will die if they don’t run or use their focus ability. If you practice the correct combos, then you can consistently remove the healer before he/she can do too much in the fight. It’s hard to heal if you’re dead, right?



                Beckett’s Q is “Switcheroo”. When activated Beckett will toggle between her dual pistols and her rocket launcher. Whichever is active can be fired using LMB as stated before. This section discusses the upgrades for the rocket launcher as they are all upgrades that are applied to Q.

                Beckett’s rocket launcher is a good source of damage for either hitting at long range or dealing constant dps to an area. Just like her pistols, Beckett’ s rocket launcher also uses an ammo system that requires her to reload her rocket launcher after firing 3 rockets.


Rocket Booster:

                Rocket Booster makes the rockets travel further and go faster.

                This upgrade is good if you are going to be sitting further back in the fight than the rest of your team. Just like the Left Tier 1 upgrade on the pistols, this upgrade should not be taken alone as it doesn’t really offer much bonus and is more just a setup for its Tier 2 upgrades. At the moment, this ability is pretty weak. While the increased particle speed at long range may seem to make it easier for new players to land hits with this upgrade, the rockets are still pretty easy to dodge and don’t really have any synergy with Beckett’s other abilities. If you do choose to take this path early, then you should take on the role of your team’s anti-sniper, making both of the Tier 2 upgrades pretty viable.

Arming Time:

                The Arming Time upgrade grants Beckett’s rockets increased damage based on how far they travel before hitting a target.  This increased damage is capped at +15% damage.

                This upgrade is particularly good at poking down Voden and Imani because Beckett can maneuver around their shots due to her higher mobility. The increased damage is best used if you can find long range heroes who have set up and would lose a lot of damage by being forced to move. The time that it takes for them to get out and reset is turned against them by the speed of the rockets. This upgrade allows for constant high damage poking on any long range target who is not paying attention, making it effective both when firing at the enemy snipers or when trying to get into a long range fight that starts far away from you.


Fully Loaded:

                Fully Loaded is an upgrade that causes the first rocket Beckett fires after reloading to deal 100 bonus damage.

                I would only recommend this upgrade if you are going to position in a way that guarantees the first hit. While you can usually achieve this by being in a clever sniping position, this upgrade is more for when you are close enough that the speed of the rocket will give the enemy so little reaction time that it will be guaranteed to hit. This is a good upgrade for a medium skill or better player who has good map awareness.  I don’t really recommend this upgrade for players who are new to Beckett or to Gigantic.


Flame Cannon:

                As the name suggests, Flame Cannon will cause the rocket to set the enemy it hits on fire.

                This is a really nice upgrade on its own but becomes even better when playing with heroes like Charnok who have the ability to deal bonus damage to burning targets. Unfortunately, the cost of getting burning rockets is that the range is reduced so that you have to get into the fight.  Despite that, I think that this is a good upgrade for new and experienced players alike because it is not only deals instant damage bonus but it also unlocks the door for a whole world of creative plays. The other reason the burning is nice is because the ticking damage will reveal “stealthed” targets.


After Burner:

                The After Burner upgrade enhances Beckett’s rockets so that they pierce through enemies, burning all of the ones they hit. To deal damage to multiple enemies at once, it requires that they be standing directly behind each other.

                I’m not too sure how I feel this upgrade because there are very few places where the enemy team will be funneling through a narrow area that can really take advantage of this ability. That’s not to say that it won’t have its uses in the future. It’s just that the current selection of maps doesn’t lend itself to this upgrade being all that useful.


Blast Radius:

                Blast Radius is a completely different beast from After Burner. This upgrade makes it so that your rockets now explode, dealing damage to and burning all enemies caught in the blast radius.

                I think this is a really cool upgrade and is amazing for new players because it reduces the accuracy requirement that rockets usually demand. I take this upgrade almost every time I play because it opens up the opportunity for me to fire and forget and still dish out pretty consistent damage.  Keep in mind that if the rockets hit a wall then they will explode and deal damage to everything around them.  This lets you use this upgrade as a way to scout around corners. I tend to use my rockets outside of a fight in order to track invisible enemies and keep them from sneaking up on my team. In this situation, not having to be pinpoint accurate is useful.



                Beckett’s E is her Jetpack ability. It grants her the ability to jump one extra time while in the air and makes her fall much more slowly for the duration of the ability.

                When upgrading Jetpack, it is best to think about what Tier 2 upgrade will help you the most and then upgrade whichever Tier 1 you need for that. Normally, you will be upgrading your Jetpack last and all of the upgrades can be viable in the correct situation.

                The only thing to keep in mind is that you only get one jump in the air per time you leave the ground. If you jump off the ground, you get one jump; if you walk off a ledge, you still only get one jump. You can double jump again but only after you touch the ground. It is also important to note that if the ability runs out while you are in the air, you will fall at normal speed.


Fuel Capacity:

                The Fuel Capacity upgrade will extend the duration of Beckett’s Jetpack by 2 seconds.

                This is a good upgrade if you are looking to just stay in the air for longer.  This upgrade is good for keeping a high vantage point on your enemies.


Up and Away:

                Up and Away gives Beckett the ability to jump one extra time while in the air. Walking off a ledge or jumping from the ground do not count as your first jump. You can jump twice after leaving the ground before you have to float to the ground.


Jet Powered:

                The Jet Powered upgrade will grant Beckett a 10% damage boost while jetpacking.

                This upgrade is great if you are consistently looking for that last little bit of damage to be finishing off targets. Also, you don’t have to be airborne to gain the damage boost. Once you activate the jetpack you get the boost, regardless of whether you are in the air or on the ground.



                All of the upgrades on this side of the tree require you to be sprinting when you activate the jetpack to gain the buff. This means that you will have to manage your stamina a little bit better but even if you can only sprint for just a second you can activate the jetpack and gain the buffs. If you are not sprinting when you activate the jetpack, it will act as a normal jetpack and not give the sprint buffs.

                The “Rocket Pack” upgrade gives Beckett a massive speed boost if she is sprinting when she activates the jetpack. The speed boost will last for either a couple of seconds or until Beckett jumps, whichever comes first. This ability is good for being able to move around maps that have lots of distance to cover between the summon points.


Ignition Switch:

                The Ignition Switch upgrade will leave a trail of fire on the ground behind where you boosted from. The fire is good for discouraging enemies from following you and they will begin burning as long as they are in the fire.


Blast Away:

                When activated, Blast Away lets Beckett push back any enemies near her. This is good for when you need to make a quick escape and want to get the enemy team off of you. The drawback is that this ability pushes enemies back relative to your position. Therefore, a well-positioned enemy could be pushed in the direction you are going and continue to deal damage to you.


General Notes:

                I know there is not too much written about the Jetpack ability. That is because the ability itself is actually very basic. The only complication is around how to activate the sprint+E tree. Once you have that figured out, this ability is amazing because it lets you have complete controlled flight for a few seconds. The simplicity of the ability allows for the player to be really creative with how they use it.



                Beckett’s focus ability is “Air Strike”. When cast, Beckett will call in an airstrike causing 3 bombs to be dropped and dealing huge damage in a massive AOE. To target the ability, hold down your focus key and move the target selector over the are you would like to drop. When you release your focus key, the bombs will be dropped on that area.

                Beckett’s focus, like all others, has only two upgrades. The left upgrade is called Quick Strikes and causes the bombs to be dropped faster. This is great if you are looking to engage a team fight and only have a small window in which to get all of your damage off. The other upgrade is called Resurgence. Resurgence will grant Beckett stamina when she casts this ability. This allows for Beckett to run in and engage the fight. After she has blown all of her stamina, she can use her focus to continue dealing damage while also giving her the ability to either retreat or reposition.



Patrick Critz

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