Team for Motiga's shooter MOBA Gigantic

  • Xeru

    Patrick Critz

    Hello everyone, I'm Patick Critz, aka Xeru. I am the captian and ranged dps for ART. I started getting into competitve games about halfway through Season 3 of League of Legends. It started as just playing with my friends for fun but eventually I got sick of being the worst player in the friend group. So I started to practice with the goal of pushing myself to be better. I first played Gigantic at Pax East 2015, and loved it. Since then Gigantic has become my primary game. I play every day and it is where I focus my practice, hard work, and dedication....Read More

  • Schmoo

    Joshua Dombrowski

    My name is Joshua "Schmoogleedorf" Dombrowski. I got my start in competitive gaming in season 2 League of Legends, and from there moved on to play competitively in the SMITE alpha, and the Dawngate betas before finally finding Gigantic in November 2014. I have been a member of five teams, sub for many more, and even a coach for one. I have played competitively across all of the major meta roles but have found my place in ART playing tanks as their shot caller, and lead strategist. ...Read More

  • FailcoPunch

    Danielle Di Falco

    Hey there, I'm Danielle "Failco" DiFalco. I do Design, UI, and art for games; been in the industry for 4 years, so I basically live and breathe games all day every day. I'm super nerdy, often making Star Wars and Old Western references, while wearing shirts that usually are references to video games. I'm big into cult things like Rocky Horror picture show and Rifftrax/Mystery Science Theatre 3k, and a pretty social person who likes to go to conventions and meet people. I've been playing games since I was 7 years old, even competitively in weird games like World of Warcraft Arena PVP, and Mech Assault 2: Lone Wolf. I'm a big fan of Magic the Gathering, Overwatch, Dark Souls, and of course, Gigantic. Gigantic is my favorite game right now and possibly that's ever been created, and I am Another Team's main assassin player....Read More

  • JoltEnergy

    Drew Lame

    I am 23 years young and like to think that I keep calm, reserved and logical. While many wish to use the road less taken I seem to use the unseen path and find my own way, as strange as it may be. I have been playing games since I was a wee lad and like to try my hand with many different genres from the commonly popular to the unheard of. As for my competitive side I come from the old table top. Pokemon, I had gone to many tournaments when I was younger and even won a few but this is long behind me. Now with hopes of a Gigantic future....Read More

  • Lion

    Matthew Duncan

    Hello I'm Matthew "Lion" Duncan (or ApexLion)!  I am newer to the type of game that gigantic is.  The old games that I used to play exclusively were Dota 2 and Battlefield 3.  I never went pro in those games however.  I'm looking forward to where Giganitic can take me in the future! ...Read More

  • StrikeZero

    Kyle Patrao

    My name is Kyle Patrao aka StrikeZero and I am the Ranged/Support of Team ART. I am a Canadian college student majoring in Computer Science. I've been playing Gigantic since it was in Alpha and participated in both the Guardian Arena and Guardian Rampage competitive scene during the Beta. Prior to Gigantic, I played competitive CoD4 Pro mod, BF3 and BF4. ...Read More